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Welcome to Gazelle!

Gazelle is a general-purpose AI system that will power personal digital assistants
(aka a "smarter version of Siri")


A first ultrafast character recognizer - just one component (needs specific constraints) but super fast (less than 10 pixel lookups and we're done)
Another new domain: for "Ultra-Fast Recognition" (our family of image and sound recognition algorithms)
[2021/09/02] On Gaz.AI, every visitor now gets an anonymous user account and can start uploading images for the upcoming image recognition!
Moving to new domain: Gaz.AI
[2021/07/30] You can now buy a personal AI for just $5 - and crowdfund this project at the same time. Click here!
[2021/07/30] Here is the link to the Gazelle chat box. You can chat with all Gazelle users here! Click here!