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AI Tasks

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createdBy id text type creator createdFrom References returns takes input comment
User stefan 110566 Convert CamelCase to words AI Task
User stefan 93864 Convert -ing form to base verb AI Task User stefan AI Task 9258 "Convert a verb to -ing form"
User stefan 93863 Convert past to present tense AI Task
User stefan 84966 Show a form where user can test a solved AI task (e.g. by giving input) AI Task
User stefan 84965 Show good examples for a solved AI task (e.g. 3 pairs of input+output) AI Task
User stefan 84964 Show examples of solved AI tasks AI Task
User stefan 84963 Distinguish between solved and unsolved AI tasks AI Task
User stefan 84218 Convert a sentence to words AI Task

Function Suggestion 84958

User stefan 76377 Find patterns with identical text (to unify/delete) AI Task
User stefan 48666 Convert noun to adjective AI Task
User stefan 20995 React (match) all inputs with all syntactic patterns AI Task
User stefan 20852 If more than 50% of the objects of a certain type contain a field named X, offer a field named X when creating a new object of the type AI Task
User stefan 20851 Link every pattern to its syntactic pattern AI Task
User stefan 20850 If an input contains angle bracket variables, convert it to a pattern AI Task
User stefan 20849 If an input contains asterisks, convert it to a syntactic pattern AI Task
User stefan 19936 Distinguish positive from negative comments AI Task

Code idea 19938 "containsWord(comment.text, \"good\") ? 1 : containsWord(comment.text, \"bad\") ?...

User stefan 14154 Make sure the text field is unique for all inputs AI Task
User stefan 13121 Generalize input rewrite to pattern rewrite AI Task

Rough script 13123 "Find an input\r\nFind a rewrite of the input\r\nFind common phrases in input ...

User stefan 13076 Compare specificity of two patterns, e.g. by number of literal words AI Task
User stefan 13057 list all object types AI Task

Instruction | List object types 13062 = Instruction Result 13063

a list of strings nothing
User stefan 13039 Find out typical field names for objects of a certain type AI Task probabilistic list of field names object type
User stefan 13037 Find out whether an object is marked "useful" AI Task boolean object id The typical way to mark is with a referencing object of type "Useful"
User stefan 9462 List all input objects (preparation for other procedures) AI Task
User stefan 9342 Find input starting with "verbs:" AI Task

Instruction | List objects by type 9485

Instruction | List objects by type 114322 = Instruction Result 114323

User stefan 9285 Find verb lists from Skype log AI Task

Script 9593