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isRewriteOf createdBy id text type
Input 931 "Theatres in India are open for the public." User Abinash 2349 Theatres in India are now open for the public Rewrite
Input 925 "Live streaming of the game will be held at 10 pm." User Abinash 2347 Live streaming of the game will be held at 10 pm in YouTube Rewrite
Input 792 "5 mobile video tricks in 1 minute" User Smruti 2344 there 5 mobile video tricks in just 1 minute Rewrite
Input 760 "Kerala is gods own country." User Abinash 2343 Kerala is said to be gods own country. Rewrite
Input 650 "hello world" User Abinash 2342 Hello my dear students and teachers wished the principal. Rewrite
Input 794 "what it's like living alone during a pandemic" User Smruti 2338 how would the future generation know what it was like living alone during a pandemic? Rewrite
Input 795 "Digital Marketing in 5 minutes" User Smruti 2336 Learn Digital Marketing in 5 minutes with this special course Rewrite
Input 958 "Abinash is a talented and also a discipline student." User Abinash 2334 "Abinash is a talented and also a discipline student",said his teacher. Rewrite
Input 797 "How did a 400m long megaship got stuck" User Smruti 2330 How did a 400m long megaship get stuck in the middle of the sea Rewrite
Input 753 "Birthday celebration in a grand way." User Aditya 2329 The birthday celebration was done in a grand way. Rewrite
Input 798 "terrorist attack in Sopore" User Smruti 2327 there was a terrorist attack in sopore Rewrite
Input 936 "Vishal will be missed by his friends." User Aditya 2324 Vishal will be missed by his friends and family Rewrite
Input 943 "Stefan is a cool guy." User Aditya 2322 "Stefan is a cool guy", said his friends. Rewrite
Input 799 "Karnataka battles Coronavirus" User Smruti 2321 Karnataka battles with Corona virus successfully Rewrite
Input 944 "The internship was productive." User Aditya 2315 The internship which Smruti and Abinash did was very productive. Rewrite
Input 951 "The tech fest will be held in December." User Abinash 2313 the college announced the dates of tech fest Rewrite
Input 949 "Samsung will launch a new phone this month." User Aditya 2311 Samsung announced that it will launch a new phone this month Rewrite
Input 951 "The tech fest will be held in December." User Aditya 2308 The tech fest of the college will be held in December. Rewrite
Input 967 "Good Morning to all." User Aditya 2307 "Good Morning to all", wished the teacher. Rewrite
Input 999 "10 random inputs" User Aditya 2305 10 random inputs were asked to the user Rewrite
Input 1036 "if a pattern contains no variables, convert it to an input" User Aditya 2302 Every pattern must be unique Rewrite
Input 818 "Four wheeler got seized in the village." User Smruti 2300 Four wheelers have been seized in the village Rewrite
Input 1469 "apple makes iphones" User Abinash 2296 apple comapany makes iphone Rewrite
Input 1551 "these songs are literally like the only thing that bring me serotonin" User Aditya 2295 these songs are very soothing. Rewrite
Input 2032 "The History of the Turbo Encabulator" User Aditya 2293 Do you know about the history of the Turbo Encabulator Rewrite