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isRewriteOf rewriteType id text type createdBy
Input 233154 "i broke my phone yesterday" Suggested Answer 233158 smart phone? Rewrite
Syntactic Pattern 121973 "I want that *" 121990 Check if * Rewrite User stefan
Input 121971 "I want that Google is online" Suggested Answer 121989 Check if Google is online Rewrite User stefan
Input 115596 "okay.... it will work" removed the extra dots 115661 okay. it will work Rewrite User Aditya
Input 115580 "yayyy" removed the extra y 115660 yay Rewrite User Aditya
Input 115655 "Thts good" changed thts to that's 115659 That's good Rewrite User Aditya
Input 115616 "what could we need... \"useful\", \"publishable\", \"error\" maybe?" removed the extra dots 115658 what could we need. "useful", "publishable", "error" maybe? Rewrite User Aditya
Input 115628 "yaa thts the need" changed thts to that's 115654 yaa that's the need Rewrite User Aditya
Input 115640 "Is it so... hahaha" removed the extra dots 115644 Is it so. hahaha Rewrite User Aditya
Input 112428 "strangeee" removed the extra e 115643 strange Rewrite User Aditya
Input 115586 "yeah but there will be practical issues to solve... whenever the server reloads it ... 115612 There will be practical issues to solve. whenever the server reloads it needs to recompile all the custom code Rewrite User sankalp
Input 103394 "long does it take" made sentence into question 115599 How long does it take? Rewrite User Smruti
Input 108717 "mean you learn a lot" recreated sentence 115589 This means you learned a lot Rewrite User Smruti
Input 87863 "parts of india there" removed there 115585 Parts of India Rewrite User sankalp
Input 108975 "msg in this channel" corrected the spelling of message 115583 message in this channel Rewrite User Smruti
Input 115335 "but i think Java is a way more professional language, and more performant" removed extra words and formed a sentence 115579 I think Java is a professional language Rewrite User sankalp
Input 109251 "a good opening." completed sentence 115578 This is a good opening. Rewrite User Smruti
Input 112921 "Will meet tomorrow and will rock...." removed the extra dots 115577 Will meet tomorrow and will rock. Rewrite User Aditya
Input 108190 "urgent" completed the phrase 115576 urgent call Rewrite User Smruti
Input 108202 "was a meeting" completed the sentence 115575 There was a meeting Rewrite User Smruti
Input 112966 "Should we leave ?" removed the extra space 115568 Should we leave? Rewrite User Aditya
Input 108204 "we are here to boost you up :cwl" removed the unwanted word 115567 we are here to boost you up Rewrite User Smruti
Input 83657 "step it also works" recreated the sentence 115566 this step also works Rewrite User Smruti
Input 105140 "easier to understand" Completed the sentence 115565 This is easier to understand Rewrite User Smruti
Input 112726 "Oh ! Nice" removed the extra space 115564 Oh! Nice Rewrite User Aditya